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Sounds like the last screech of a desperate, media attention whore. I am so sick and tired of Z minus celebrities prating about their sexual fantasies in "tell all" books, which have no connection with the truth, just to make a buck. Naomi is a chronic liar and attention / fame whore and has passed it down to the girls. R28, I know you're trying to make a funny, but Bill Clinton actually had a terrible childhood, filled with violent incidents. Do you actually read the comments here at datalounge? Before I read your post, I was going to write that her childhood sounds suspiciously like mine and my three sisters'.

His mother even shot at his father, and little Bill (who was a child at the time) hid the gun in the couch to keep the cops from finding it. It doesn't surprise me that Naiomi was a whore and exposed her children to a lot of bullshit.

It's obvious she blamed them for standing in her way of success.

I mean before she and Wynonna had some real success.

*The Double Jeopardy star said she was traumatised when she was exposed to inappropriate sexuality and heard loud sexual noises coming from a room in her home.

*She also witnessed Naomi involved in fights with men, including once when her mother pulled a gun.

*Ashley recalls playing with the weapon and loading bullets into the chamber, spinning it, cocking the trigger and holding it to her head.

[quote]*The Double Jeopardy star said she was traumatised when she...

Oh, that was just me in the kitchen devouring a few cabbage rolls, Sis... "The Double Jeopardy star said she was traumatised when she was exposed to inappropriate sexuality and heard loud sexual noises coming from a room in her home." That's not a sexual trauma, that's just bad taste. I have no doubt that their mother is a psycho and royally fucked them up. I hate to say it, r10, but the stereotype exists for a reason.

If Naomi Judd was living with a guy and then claims she was a Christian, it doesn't work that way because Christians consider that to be sinful. Ashley Judd is well known for being very nasty in Hollywood, and I think this woman is trying her very best to conjure up shocking things to sell her book.

Also, I think she is trying to change her image from having a bitch reputation to having a reputation that for her. I remember Susielee once said that many famous people state shocking things in their autobiographies in order to sell them otherwise if they told the true of what their lives were really are, they wouldn't sell because they would be boring.

Ashley's revelations don't surprise me and yes, I believe they're true.

At least the ones about the sexual trauma and violent upbringing."Bitch need to get some new material for her fantasies." Sexual abuse isn't "fantasies" - fuck you for posting that. Or did growing up with a closeted half sister and a lying whore of a mother mess her up?

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