Who is kevjumba dating

Kevjumba passed by me on his bike and gave me a dirty look for no reason when I made eye contact with him.

He once walked into our Queer Studies class on accident, and when he found out it was "Queer Studies" he started acting real rude.

During his high school days in 2007, he had started posting comical videos on his own You Tube channel 'Kev Jumba' on the mundane activities of an Asian-American teenager.

His personal experiences of life resonated with many Asian and colored people.

He has contributed thousands of dollars to various social organizations and also helped to build an elementary school in Kenya (Africa) to provide free education to impoverished children.

Kevin Wu a.k.a Kev Jumba, as he is popularly known on social media, is an Asian-American celebrity You Tuber of Taiwanese origin.

He is a vlogger, blogger, comedian, writer, actor, humanitarian, and social activist, all rolled into one!

Unlike the conventional multi-talented celebrities who are primarily after money and fame, he channels his traits to raise funds for the impoverished classes.

In 2008, he launched another You Tube channel named ‘Jumba Fund’ solely for philanthropic interests.

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