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By comparison,' he continued, 'a logic analyzer or dedicated protocol analyzer typically can only extract timing or protocol information.Second, a scope's additional channels support time correlation of the serial bus activity with other mixed signals in the system, such as power supply, analog sensor, or memory bus.'The definition of a high-performance oscilloscope really is all about the customer's point of view.A new generation of 8-channel mixed-signal oscilloscopes enables engineers to address many of the measurement challenges presented by the increasingly complex electrical and electronics signals found in today’s industrial control and power systems.The definition of a high-performance oscilloscope really is all about the customer's point of view.Two scopes may have the same bandwidth, number of channels, sampling rate, operating modes, and memory length.Yet, one will be bought instead of the other because its software or triggering capability or measurement suite better matches the customer's application requirements.Joseph Ting, digital oscilloscope product manager at Yokogawa Corporation of America, outlined two primary advantages in using a scope platform to analyze serial bus activity.

Therefore, measuring instruments are required to have functions for not only simply recording data but also immediately calculating power values and efficiency based on the data.frequency, RMS, peak-to-peak amplitude, rise time, etc.) Non-electrical signals, especially mechatronic signals such as vibration, strain, temperature, or current can be converted to voltages and displayed.Yokogawa oscilloscopes deliver a range of bandwidths, the world's only eight channel and sixteen channel (plus logic) oscilloscopes, unparalleled suites of triggers and signal analysis, and a unique ability to save multiple triggered-events to "History" memory.When saving measured data or set-up data, there is a limitation on the number of files that can be saved depending on the data format. The DLM2000 Series Oscilloscope is capable of performing enhanced parameter measurements and calculations.The number of files that can be saved for the data format is listed below: Waveform ... This feature allows you to perform automated measurements of waveform parameters of two different areas. The DL series instruments are capable of measuring the delay between traces or the delay between channels.

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