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Under the guidance of the then-governing body, the Australian Soccer Federation (later Soccer Australia), the NSL flourished through the 1980s and early 1990s but then fell into decline with the increasing departure of Australian players to overseas leagues, a disastrous television deal with the Seven Network and the resulting lack of sponsorship.In December 2003, the Crawford Report found that the NSL was financially unviable, and in response the chairman of the sports new governing body, Frank Lowy of Football Federation Australia, announced that a task force would be formed to create a new national competition as a successor to the NSL which dissolved at the conclusion of the 2003–04 season after 27 years of operation.

The competition start date was set for August 2005.The teams allotted two home matches against an opponent in one season are allotted one home match against that opponent in the following season.Each match sees the winning team awarded three competition points, with one point each for a draw.It offers greater convenience and provides you with instant access to information about your Hyundai, as well as details of exclusive offers and Hyundai-sponsored events.At this point “officially unveiled” doesn’t really seem all that exciting for the 2011 Hyundai Elantra. It features similar styling as the larger Sonata, which is good thing, since the Sonata has been such a success.

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