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The IQ MODULE in the ECOLINE series only requires two cables and it simultaneously covers the capacity control, compressor start-up, oil heater, additional fan and the refrigerant injection.

Therefore, cabling requirements are reduced to a minimum and the number of components in the switch board goes down.

In addition, the linked monitoring and control functions increase operating reliability: additional fan, CRII, capacity control and refrigerant injection can be switched accordingly in relation to each other.

ECOLINE compressors with the IQ MODULE provide a wide range of digital functions for more user-friendliness, benefits in use and operational control.

The city, meanwhile, encourages residents not to put meat scraps in backyard compost bins in an effort not to attract rodents.

Rats on private property are the responsibility of the property owner but the city will enforce extermination in rental buildings, Ritcey said. It is related highly upon the geography of where that city is located and the propensity for the rodents to enter through cargo ships, rail and transportation.” Halifax’s lofty rat pack position provides a reason to get residents opening their traps, but Ritcey said the rat population hasn’t exploded.

“It’s not like they are running everywhere you look.” A rat factor in Halifax is the amount of construction in the city.

Home and business owners should focus on adequate door sweeps and sealing up gaps that can provide a rat conduit.

As an option for the proven semi-hermetic BITZER reciprocating compressors, the ECOLINE series with the IQ MODULE now provides even more enhanced functions relating to the compressor.

Reliable and efficient to operate with very smooth running, ECOLINE stands for flexibility in terms of refrigerant selection and a wide range of applications.

“Once they are inside, to them it’s just a better version of nature.

They don’t realize necessarily that they are in a building.

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