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:: 715 "TWO WEDDINGS" [NEW] Lilly and the team attend a colleague's wedding and are persuaded by Jeffries to investigate whether the bride killed her former fiancé two years earlier -- just hours after he called off their nuptials. :: 714 "METAMORPHOSIS" [NEW] The 1971 death of a teen aerialist who fell during a dangerous circus performance is investigated. :: 713 "BOMBERS" [NEW] The 1983 murder of a graffiti artist who died after spray paint was forced down his throat is investigated.

:: 718 "THE LAST DRIVE-IN" [NEW - PART 1] A murder is linked to a serial killer who has apparently been inactive for 27 years.The victim tried to keep his involvement in the music scene from his strict minister father. :: 703 "JURISPRUDENCE" [NEW] The 2004 murder of a teen at a juvenile detention center is investigated. :: 702 "HOODRATS" [NEW] The 1995 murder of a runaway 17-year-old boy who was known for his outstanding skateboarding skills is investigated.The victim was killed on his team's home rink the night the U. hockey team defeated the Soviet Union in the Olympic Games. :: 709 "FORENSICS" [NEW] The 1999 death of a high-school debate champion, which was originally ruled a suicide, is investigated after new evidence suggests he was murdered.

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