Dating ultrasound at 8 weeks

MFM mums share their stories plus expert sonographers explain why it happens and what to do if you're told your due dates are wrong Listening to MFM mums, it's clear lots of you leave your scan with a nagging feeling that what you've been told that day doesn’t seem quite right.Perhaps you’ve been given a due date that seems totally out of sync with the date that you thought you were going to have your baby.If you need an ultrasound early in pregnancy, it may be necessary to use a vaginal probe (a transducer placed in the vagina).This allows the technologist to view your uterus through the cervix.This method may also be used later in pregnancy to locate your placenta if it's over the cervix or to measure the length of the cervix.Vaginal probes may cause a sensation of pressure but shouldn't adversely affect your pregnancy.In addition, you'll have additional ultrasounds if you have a chronic illness such as diabetes or a history of ovarian cysts or fibroids.An ultrasound usually can be done in your practitioner's office or your local hospital.

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Of course you have probably already used an online due date calculator.

The sound waves bounce off various surfaces within your body -- including your baby -- as vibrations.

The echoes are translated into electrical signals that are projected as pictures onto a monitor for viewing.

Original date given was 18 December but at the scan it was moved to 31 Dec.

It just doesn't quite add up by my reckoning of when I think I ovulated and when I know we did the deed!

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