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For example, when compared with women who give birth vaginally, women who receive cesarean: Although cesareans are often portrayed as being less likely to produce pelvic floor dysfunction than vaginal birth, large population studies have demonstrated that this is not the case over the long term.(11)Finally, mothers will continue to experience the effects of cesareans throughout her childbearing years.Studies show reduced fertility following a cesarean and greater levels of fear about giving birth five years later.(12,13) A previous cesarean may double the risk of a breech baby in subsequent pregnancies and increase the risk of uterine rupture.(14)The complications associated with cesarean for even low-risk, healthy babies are numerous.Chances are even if they’ve managed to get into the gym with the intent of lifting, little niggling doubts remain and increase the chance they’ll veer away from the weight room toward the spin class. For a man, 12-15% body fat is healthy, while for women the healthiest (in general; everything is relative and there are always exceptions) body fat level is 18-25%.Or they actually lift but stick to baby weights rather than barbells. So when you get your body fat tested and it’s 25% or even higher, don’t freak out. What’s high for a man may be completely normal for you.From that article: Among other things, the gut flora promotes normal gastrointestinal function, provides protection from infection, regulates metabolism and comprises more than 75% of our immune system.

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Studies have consistently shown that cesarean babies have altered fecal microbiota compared with vaginally born babies, which can persist for at least six months and quite possibly for life.(16)As I’ve explained elsewhere, the gut flora plays a crucial role in health.

In fact, having that kind of fat is actually a sign of good metabolic health.

Embrace your lower body fat, since it correlates strongly with health.

If you want to try fasting, you may have success with shorter fasting periods (skip a meal instead of two), less frequent fasting (once a week or every two weeks).

Everyone needs to lift, but no one needs to lift more than women who’ve spent their whole lives avoiding it after hearing that lifting will make them “bulky.” Chances are, they haven’t lifted. And when you look at a healthy woman’s body, her true body fat percentage is likely higher than you think.

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